Review Policy

If you are an Author or Publisher and would like me to review your novel please email me at:
When you email me, we will discuss what format the book is in, postage details and any other essential details that are necessary.
I would be glad to review most genre's, however my preferred genre's are Fantasy, Young Adult and Adventure.

Please note that I do not read the following:
- Non Fiction
- Poetry
- Adult Fiction

I will be honest in my reviews and email the review once it is completed. If there is a time limit to when you would like me to finish reading the novel please include it in the email. I currently only accept hard copy and paperback forms of the book. There are however certain exceptions to eBook forms.
Books will be rated out of five once the review has been completed. Reviews will usually be posted in my Blog, Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter. If there is anywhere else, or if there is a place that you do not want it, then please let me know

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